I started Gameifesto as a tool to bring the independent videogame community together– to help people network and create games.

Gameifesto users create postings which outline the type of project they’re working on, what skills they need from others, where they’re located, and whether or not they can offer compensation. Other users can search for postings based on criteria that pertains to them- what roles they are capable of, geographic proximity, and genres they’d like to work on. 
To help users easily digest information as quickly as possible, I created a visual lexicon to act as a short-hand for various roles, skills, attributes, and off-site links. 
After a little time checking out posts, this at-a-glance lexicon helps users quickly find the information that pertains to them via the search page.
The branding I designed for Gameifesto referenced organized workforces, veteran groups, scouting, and the "directional pad" used in leau of joysticks on videogame controllers.
This version of Gameifesto's identity was a visual reduction on an earlier design, which featured more skeuomorphic elements and a brighter color palette. At that time the network had more superfluous features that weren't at the core of what Gameifesto needed to offer.
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